Nights/Weekends Raid Group – Recruiting

Darkfriends, with the arrival of a new expansion, new content must be conquered! Our nights and weekends group is officially starting to assemble in preparation for newly releasing raid content.  Here is all the information you need to determine if this group will be a good fit for you.




Darkfriends Nights/weekends raid group
Raid Times: TBD.  Please submit your availability via the spreadsheet at the end of this post.  Late nights and weekends will be the focus.
Content: All new raid content, as it is made playable.
Required ilvl:  620 ilvl will most likely be needed for the first content, please plan on meeting this threshold.
Notes:  This group will be for players that require late or weekend raid times.
Classes/roles needed:  At this time, no roles have been decided.  It is suggested that if your class is able to tank or heal, that you build at least a base set of gear for that spec.  Please use this google spreadsheet to officially apply for the group.
Contacts: Shaillur-Boulderfist

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