Raid Group 1 – Recruiting

Darkfriends, with the arrival of a new expansion, new content must be conquered! Raid group 1 is officially starting to assemble in preparation for newly releasing raid content.  Here is all the information you need to determine if this group will be a good fit for you.





Darkfriends Raid Group 1
Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 8PM EST.  Endtime tbd.
Content: All new raid content, as it is made playable.
Required ilvl:  620 ilvl will most likely be needed for the first content, please plan on meeting this threshold.
Notes:  This group will be focused on progressing through all content.  If you are not able to consistently make scheduled raid windows, a more casual group may be a better fit for you.  Underperforming group members will be asked to improve performance.  Assistance will be available to help all members of the group succeed individually and together.
Classes/roles needed:  At this time, no roles have been decided.  It is suggested that if your class is able to tank or heal, that you build at least a base set of gear for that spec.  Please use this google spreadsheet to officially apply for group 1.
Contacts: Belal-Boulderfist

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